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Our Mission & History

 Mission: Empowering youth, families, and community for their greatest potential. It is SVYC’s belief that every young person, ages 5-21, living in the Sun Valley neighborhood deserves equal opportunities for growth and success. 


The Sun Valley neighborhood has a long history of crime, poverty and low academic performance. Community and civic leaders, residents, and service providers performed a comprehensive neighborhood assessment in 1999 to determine the root causes of these marginal outcomes. Findings revealed that the greatest need—and greatest opportunity to make a sustained difference—was to offer youth services. The Sun Valley Youth Center was born in 1999 as a result of these findings. Founded by a church and other key community stakeholders, the Sun Valley Youth Center is a faith-based organization that serves youth in Sun Valley regardless of their socioeconomic status, ethnicity, or religion. 




Our Values

Compassion: Agape Love – That’s what we’re all about

Empowerment: We equip our youth and families with the life tools to achieve their own successes

Commitment: We show up, even when it’s hard, and provide resources for the families we serve

Safety: We work to cultivate a safe haven for the community to grow and thrive in

Collaboration: We work with the community and its strategic partners to create a positive environment of diversity, inclusivity, and shared values





Today, we enroll our youth beginning in kindergarten and support them through high school graduation, by which point many have staffed our team. Our primary focus is to walk through life with our youth and their families.

Most of the youth that we serve struggle with overcoming obstacles, and so our approach is rooted in trauma-informed practices. To put it simply: when our kids run, we run with them, help them regulate, and bring them back. We are in the business of building trust and we seek to provide a safe place for all members of the Sun Valley community to find support.

Our Community

Some of the main challenges in Sun Valley are:

  • Teen Pregnancy: The teen pregnancy rate is three times higher in Sun Valley than throughout the 7-county Denver metro area (Source: Piton Foundation). 51% of Sun Valley’s population is 17 years old or younger, which is more than double the average throughout Denver (Ibid).
  • Low Levels of Academic Achievement/High Rates of High School Incompletion: Only 33% of Sun Valley’s adults completed high school and only 25% of those who didn’t complete high school have a GED (Source: Sun Valley Choice Neighborhood Community Survey, 10/25/16).
  • Poverty: Sun Valley continues to be Denver’s poorest neighborhood, with 97% of its residents living in subsidized housing. The average income is only $13,163 per year (Source: Piton Foundation). Only 31% of Sun Valley’s adults are employed. Of those, 50% only work part-time (Choice Neighborhood Survey). 92% of students receive free school lunches.
  • Crime: Sun Valley has one of the highest rates of crime in Colorado, with the rates of crimes such as rape, property crimes, and burglaries being 2-3.3 times higher than the national average.

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