Elementary Programs



Our recreation program consists of daily, organized recreational activities run right when our youth are released from school. Active movement is a necessity for our youth in order to maintain the health of their minds and bodies. We work in collaboration with the Front Rangers Cycling Club and Rude Recreation Center to put our kids on cycling, football, and soccer teams. Every week, a sensei runs a karate class for interested youth.



Mindfulness is the process of helping our youth tune in to their bodies and minds in a positive, non-judgmental way. Often, young people do not have a say in what happens to them, but they do have control over how they respond to it. We seek to help young people reclaim their power by learning (and practicing) coping skills and by building strong attachments with our staff. The center uses Trust Based-Relational Intervention (TBRI) as a behavioral and emotional model for guiding care. This model believes that, by focusing on strengthening the connection between children and caregivers, secure attachments can be formed. We run weekly TBRI-based nurture groups to work towards these attachments and to teach life skills in a fun, engaging way.

We partner with Be Mindful to teach the idea of mindfulness playfully. From deep breathing during a bell to mindfully eating chocolate, these lessons allow our youth to practice valuable skills that they can pull from when they need. Yoga classes engage the kids’ bodies in their mindfulness practice and remind them to always return to their breath.


Each day in our after school program has dedicated time to practice literacy and math, as well as to complete homework. Tutors work individually with youth who are struggling in their classes and iReady, an online learning platform, helps kids supplement their school learning with tailored lessons.

Public Achievement is a program that connects youth with their communities, as kids design a project in response to an issue they’ve identified. Spring 2019’s project revolves around ridding the community of trash.


Art-based programming is the area that our youth crave most. From making music to dancing, painting or designing comic books, the kids in Sun Valley love to create. Art is a means for our youth to own their voices and to present them to the world. In Fall 2018, the kids presented at their first Art Showcase (with elementary schoolers and teens combined), where they read poems, danced, and sold photography.

Food & Nutrition

In order to provide balanced and nutritious meals for our youth, the center partners with Sun Valley Kitchen, a nonprofit restaurant and community space. The Sun Valley Kitchen prepares dinner daily for the kids enrolled in our center and for other families in the community. During the summer, we also offer breakfast and lunch.

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