Middle and High School Programs

Creative Writing & Education

Our youth find a quiet space to do their homework everyday when they get to the center, with support from staff and volunteers. We additionally build in 20 minutes of iReady, an online literacy and math program, a day in order to supplement homework and to build skills.

We offer a creative writing program, which helps the youth with their writing skills and allows their emotions to be put on paper. The kids enjoy being able to free write, construct poems, and even work with lyrics and raps. This helps them to understand how essential writing is for the careers they want to do. In order to further this program, we partner with Art From Ashes, a nonprofit that gives youth a space to express their creative genius.


Everyday, there is a different recreational activity planned out for the kids. These activities build bonds with one another and allow the youth to have fun.

Every Thursday, the youth can choose to participate in dance or MMA. Dance involves the youth practicing a choreography in preparation for an Arts Showcase in front of their parents and loved ones. MMA helps the youth learn more about self-defense, confidence and both physical and mental health.

Overcoming Obstacles

This program targets different obstacles that the youth might be encountering and helps them them find ways of healthily coping. Every other week, we target a new topic that they are currently dealing or have dealt with, from peer pressure to job readiness. Our aim is to educate the youth on positive ways to cope with roadblocks, to identify supportive resources, and to set goals and make plans for the future. By giving them the tools to deal with obstacles, we teach our youth that they have the power to control their emotions, be objective about what they can do, and be persistent on what can change.

Game Day

Game day Friday is a day where all of the middle and high school youth come together, bond, and play games. These sessions are self-led, based on their current interests. This is a fun time that the staff get to spend with the youth in order to build relationships. The youth enjoy this time to have friendly competitions and also show off their gaming skills.

Because connection is a fundamental component of what we do at the center, we utilize this time to create healthy friendships and to be fully attuned to each of our youth. 

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