COVID-19:  As this progresses changes almost hourly,  and as we are dedicated to the safety of our staff and the community that we serve, we are taking the recommended precautions from the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment and the Center for Disease Control.


We have made the decision to close our center until April 6th, 2020.  We came to this decision after reaching out to each family and feeling confident that us closing would not hinder employment.  Although the recommendation from the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment is to keep child care centers open, we made the decision to follow suit with other like programs in the Denver Metro community.  Also, with the decisions changing hourly this gave our families ample time to come up with a plan for their families.  

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With a focus on transforming the lives of at-risk youth in this low-income, public housing neighborhood, the Sun Valley Youth Center is a non-profit before school, after school, and summer care facility for school age kids. We work to address the needs of the whole child by helping the youth we serve grow into healthy, supported adults. 

We rely on donations for more than 60% of our funding


Colorado Tax Credit

The Sun Valley Youth Center encourages donors to increase their gift and benefit from a 50% Colorado Tax Credit. The credit is available to Colorado residents who make monetary contributions to this organization. 

The Colorado Child Care Contribution Tax Credit was established to encourage greater private support of Colorado child care program. Because monetary contributions to Sun Valley Youth Center qualify for this tax credit, you may be able to decrease the after-tax cost of your gifts by more than 50%.

The effect of the credit is that half of your donation to Sun Valley Youth Center is offset by a reduction of your Colorado income taxes. You will still be able to claim your full contribution as a charitable deduction on your Federal and State income tax returns if you itemize deductions. Examples of the total impact on your taxes are shown in the chart below. As always, you should consult with your tax advisor to determine how the credit will affect you personally.

Tax Saving Examples

(Illustration only; please consult with your tax advisor.)

Federal Income Tax Bracket








Colorado Child Care Credit




Charitable Deduction Colorado Tax Saving




Charitable Deduction Federal Tax Saving




Related Federal Tax Effect*




After Tax Costs of Gift




Total Tax Saving




Cost per dollar to contribute

32.7 cents

30.3 cents

29.4 cents

*Lower State income taxes mean lower State tax deductions for Federal tax purposes.


  • The maximum credit you may take in any one year is $100,000 or your actual Colorado income tax liability for the year, whichever is less.
  • Any unused credit may be carried forward for up to five additional tax years.

    Only monetary donations are eligible. Stock or other securities and in-kind gifts, such as labor or equipment, are not eligible but may qualify for other tax benefits.

  • In the case of donations associated with events, only the deductible portion of your payment, reduced by the value of goods and services received, is eligible.
  • Both individuals and corporations can take advantage of the credit.

The Sun Valley Youth Center will provide a signed letter that states the amount of the cash gift, along with the DR1317 tax form certifying the child care contribution. 

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